body mould­ing

Get a very per­son­al work of art and a gift from your labia.

Wheth­er as a sil­ver-jew­elry for a neck­lace or key­chain or as ceram­ic or as con­crete cast­ing, presen­ted in a 3D frame - the cre­ativ­ity of the present­a­tion is vir­tu­ally un­lim­ited.

We make an im­print of your fa­vor­ite body part and pour it in the ma­ter­i­al of your choice. For the sil­ver-jew­elry we re­duce the ori­gin­al size on re­quest to about 75% or to about 50%, so that the jew­elry is pleas­ant in ma­ter­i­al, shape, size and weight. Our pre­ferred size is the smal­lest ver­sion.


  • 195 € - Labia in ceram­ic or con­crete: Im­pres­sion of the labia minora / small and large labia, cast­ing in ceram­ic / con­crete, size ap­prox 7.5 cm, in­clud­ing dis­tance-frame 17x22x5 cm
Keramik >Labien<
Keramik >Labien< innere Schamlippen mit Klitoriseichel Künstler: eroticARTist
Keramik >Labien<
Keramik >Labien< innere und äußere Schamlippen mit Klitoriseichel Künstler: eroticARTist
  • 375,00 Euro - small labia as sil­ver jew­elry 50: im­print of the labia, size re­duc­tion to 50%,cast­ing in sil­ver, pendant ap­prox. 4 cm / 25 g
  • 475,00 Euro - Labia small as sil­ver jew­elry 75: Im­print of the labia, size re­duc­tion to 75%, cast­ing in sil­ver, pendant ap­prox. 5.5 cm / 60 g
  • 575,00 Euro - small labia as sil­ver jew­elry 100: im­print of the labia, ori­gin­al size, pendant ap­prox. 7.5 cm / 100 g

For an im­print of the labia minora in gold - de­pend­ing on the size and weight of the end product - ac­crue to about 975-1,500 euros. We will be happy to tell you an exact price on re­quest.

Silberanhänger Labien
Silberanhänger Labien Künstler: eroticARTist

How an im­print is cre­ated

  • the part of the body to be shaped is placed so that its shapes are op­tim­ally dis­played
  • a neg­at­ive is poured from the body part with a li­quid, skin-com­pat­ible gel
  • from this neg­at­ive a pos­it­ive is made in the de­sired ma­ter­i­al and size
  • the fin­ished piece of jew­el­ery is presen­ted as de­sired (as a jew­elry, as a flat­ter­er or in a frame)

The pro­duc­tion of a neg­at­ive takes - in­clud­ing pre­par­a­tion and post-pro­cessing - about 30 minutes. The ac­tu­al  im­print takes about 5 minutes. The pro­duc­tion of the fin­ished piece of jew­el­ery takes ap­prox. 10-14 days (dry­ing times) for ceram­ic / con­crete cast­ing, and ap­prox. 5-8 weeks for sil­ver jew­el­ries.