The se­lec­tion of artists of erot­icARTist Is made by a team of cur­at­ors from artists and art-makers. It can be either on ini­ti­at­ive of erot­icARTist or on the ini­ti­at­ive of the artist.

For act­ive ap­plic­a­tions by artists, please con­tact us with

  • a short artist­ic bio­graphy
  • an over­view of your art­works planned for pub­lic­a­tion
  • if ap­plic­able, a link to your web­site or to web­sites on which works have been pub­lished by you

ex­clus­ively in the file formats pdf / jpg with a total file size of all files of a max­im­um of 15 MB as e-mail to our con­tact data.

We will then con­tact you and plan fur­ther steps with you.

The ef­fort to re­cord and main­ten­ance the artist- and art­work-data is partly covered due to a one-time ad­mis­sion fee and an an­nu­al main­ten­ance fee. De­tails of the costs are stip­u­lated in an agree­ment and are there­fore trace­able at any time.

Your team of