Labienspange in Silber mit Brillianten

labia clip

The labia clip is a fas­cin­at­ing in­tim­ate jew­elry for woman. It guar­an­tees pure erot­i­cism for both the wear­er and her part­ner.

The clip en­closes the small inner labia and ad­orns the fe­male in­tim­ate gen­it­al area in a very spe­cial way. Above the clit­or­is to­ward the navel, the clip´s eye-catch­ing head with the strik­ing jew­elry lid is vis­ible.

Clearly re­cog­niz­able are the little handles to open and close the clasp. Also con­nec­ted to the head­piece are two slightly curved clamps, which ad­here to the labia through suc­tion. The nar­row space between these bows en­sures a op­tim­al com­fort. Their dis­tance to each other var­ies through­out the clip. If the clip is ap­plied high­er or lower, the feel­ing of ten­sion var­ies per­cept­ibly. Every woman will find her own most com­fort­able or most thrill­ing po­s­i­tion.

Labienspange in Silber mit Brillianten

Small in­dent­a­tions are loc­ated on the in­side of the clamps. These gen­er­ate a soft suc­tion ef­fect which holds the clip in its place. Ideally the labia minor are about 2 cm long and the clit­or­is can be slightly lif­ted up from the pubic bone.

A crys­tal clear ac­ryl­ic ball, which can be va­gin­ally in­ser­ted, can be con­nec­ted to the clip with a del­ic­ate neck­lace. In ad­di­tion to se­cur­ing the valu­able jew­elry, the ball of­fers erot­ic stim­u­la­tion.

Selec­ted gem­stones provide an ex­cit­ing sparkle here. The color and num­ber of dia­monds - wheth­er white, cognac or black, red ru­bies, aqua blue aqua­mar­ines or tur­quoise shim­mer­ing tourmalines - you can choose them as you wish.

For good body com­pat­ib­il­ity the labia clasp is made of ster­ling sil­ver 925 or yel­low gold 585. It is about 56 mm long. The strap length is 44 mm and the head sec­tion meas­ures 9 mm in dia­met­er.

The ball is made of pure ac­ryl­ic glass, which is also used in medi­cine. It is avail­able in dia­met­er 32 mm, op­tion­ally 38 mm. Firmly con­nec­ted to the ball is a 12 cm long, del­ic­ate chain of sil­ver or gold. It can be at­tached to the clasp with a chain clasp at will.

The unique­ness of the labia clasp is pro­tec­ted by Ger­man Util­ity Model No. 20 2007 013 280.8.